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Friday night @ Bristol Rhythm and Roots Reunion

Hosting the Cameo stage was wonderful. What a beautiful venue.

First act: Jason Isbell Duo, which consisted of Jason Isbell and Browan Lawler from Jason Isbell and the 400 unit. All I can say is absolutely AMAZING! Great way to start off the night. Please see the video below ( forgive me for my bad filming, I missed their heads for about 30 secs of the video...hey, you got audio at least)

Next up was Eliza Lynn Band. Her tunes were great, and her harmonica player rocked the house. I must admit, I saw half of her set, because I had to run next door to see some of my good friend Sam Quinns set. So I didn't get a video, or picture. I know...I suck.

Pete Kartsounes was third up, and I will say, do not pronounce his name like it is Cartsoonesss. Just in case you ever happen to introduce him on stage. I caught half of his set as well, and he did really well, great songwriter. During his set, I hopped over to the Piedmont stage to catch the beginning of Holy Ghost Tent Revivals set...what great guys! They have a very eclectic sound that could make me dance for hours, and I hate dancing. Video below.

Lastly, Corey Harris and the 5x5 bands was up. I had a chance to sit and speak to these guys for a while backstage, and they are so chill and easy to talk to. My friend Sean, who was helping me host the stage, was so nice to take over the cameo stage and let me venture to Machiavellis during Corey's set, because the band I manage had arrived and needed to load in for their 11:00 set. This venue is smaller, but it was a ton of fun. The band did great, and there was some dancing going the lead singers boyfriend. Quite a show. He was actually dancing w/ a lady who ...looks to me, had a broken leg. Go Mike!

Headed back to the hotel around 12:30 a.m to some jamming in the parking lot. I was able to dance and drink some beers, and talk to some musically inclined folks. Unfortunately, my camera had escaped me at this point.